Perhaps you have read about PlayTennisMarin in your local newspaper...or heard about it from your friends...or it was mentioned by your club or local pro.  Find out what all the buzz is about!

Score Reporting

Match scores for the December/January session must be reported by January 28.  On January 29 each division will receive an email indicating their top two players (or doubles teams).  Those two players (or doubles teams) will play their championship match between January 29-February 8.  Division winners will be awarded with a Tennis Warehouse gift card in addition to their amazing swag bag at our session social during the first week of March! 

PlayTennisMarin does not publicize scores.  The top two players in each division are announced via email to their roster.  These players compete for the division championship during the last week of each session.  Division winners are awarded with Tennis Warehouse gift cards in addition to their fantastic swag bags at the session social.

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